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LiWoLi 2012 - Art Meets Radical Openness
swarm, perform, explore - How to sense the City?

Date: 24-26 May 2012
Location: I/O Stadtwerkstatt, Kirchengasse, Linz, Austria

LiWoLi is a community festival, open lab and annual meeting spot for
artists, educators and developers using and creating Free Software
(FLOSS), Open Hardware and Open Design in the artistic and cultural
context. This event is all about sharing artistic skills, code and
knowledge within the public domain and discussing the challenges of
an open practice.

This year's edition will have a special focus on artworks that can
be created, performed or exhibited outdoors and in public space.
Like every year, numerous activities such as lectures, workshops and
audiovisual performances will take place during the course of this
three-day festival.

*Open Call 2012*
Dealine: 26th of April

swarm, perform, explore - How to sense the City?
Activities are welcome which have a scientific and/or
artistic-cultural approach by developing and using tools for urban
hacking, digital street art, public interventions, social spaces,
community sensor networks, guerilla communication, wardriving,
surveillance, schwarzfahren, open data, mapping,...

Artists, developers and educators are invited to present their work
in order to share their ideas, skills, code, products and experience
within a workshop, presentation and/or outdoor activities.

We are interested in scientific, philosophical and political
lectures dealing with the challenges of open practices,
investigating the economy of open systems, exploring new ways of
living and producing.

Audiovisual artists, composers and musicians using FLOSS, Open
Hardware or hacked toys as well as live-coding acts are welcome to
perform at a great venue in the Stadtwerkstatt (http://stwst.at)
with the best sound-equipment in town! The performances will be
recorded and published in the free radio-archive (http://cba.fro.at)
under a Creative Commons license.

*How to apply*
Please fill out the online submission form for Liwoli 2012

LiWoLi is an independently organized event, but will be able to
provide a least basic support regarding accommodation, travel and
fees. LiWoLi

2012 is organised by servus.at in cooperation with the Timebased
Media department and the Interface Culture Lab, VaLUG

Fundings by: Kunstuniversität Linz, BM:UKK

Partners & Network: Piet Zwart Institute Willem de Kooning Academy
Rotterdam University, Piksel Festival, Creative Region Linz, dorftv,
Eleonore, Radio FRO, to be continued

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