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Rishabh Natarajan rishabh.natarajan at gmail.com
Wed Apr 18 06:05:25 CEST 2012

Hi folks,

I'm building a virtual mixer in PD and need to be able to switch between
sets of 8 channels. I have a Motormix midi controller and it's connected to
pd via Mbox2 (MIDI cables going between Motormix and Mbox2, USB going from
Mbox2 to Macbook Pro). Using the ctlin object and 3 number boxes, I can see
that pd is able to detect the button presses or fader movements, but I am
not able to make head or tail of the values that are showing up. Whether I
move a fader up or down seems to just jolt the left most output and once
the motion is stopped it comes back to the same value. I guess that only
detects the motion of the fader. When I connect it to a Vslider object, the
slider moves sometimes and sometimes it doesn't. The middle outlet seems to
have the  number 47 on and when you move a slider, it shows the value for
that particular slider, but comes back to 47 when you stop. When I press
any button, nothing lights up on the console (though these are all supposed
to light up and I've seen them lit) and now the left most channel shows the
value for that button while the 47 just remains.

I need to map this motormix soon, and any help with this will be a godsend.


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