[PD] how to destroy a toplevel widget without crashing pd

Patrice Colet colet.patrice at free.fr
Sat Jun 2 06:34:07 CEST 2012


I don't know if it's really the good section for asking this, but I guess there would be more chances to get an answer in here...

 I've made an external that is creating a toplevel widget without using t_widgetbehavior, this seem to work good but when I'm trying to implement
a 'destroy' message into the C code like this:

static void myToplevelWidget_free(t_myToplevelWidget *x)
    post( "myToplevelWidget: freeing ressources [NULL]" );

	 sys_vgui("set w .x%x\n",x );
	 sys_vgui("destroy $w\n");

extern "C" MYTOPLEVELWIDGET_EXTERNAL void myToplevelWidget_setup(void)
    proll_class = class_new(gensym("myToplevelWidget"),
				sizeof(t_myToplevelWidget), 0, A_GIMME, 0);



(yes, it's C embedded in CPP for some reasons...)

pd is crashing when I delete the external, but if I send a destroy message like this:

static void myToplevelWidget_destroy(t_myToplevelWidget* x) 
	sys_vgui("set w .x%x\n",x );
	sys_vgui("destroy $w\n");

for deleting the widget by sending a message to the external, it's not crashing.

Any idea about what I am missing?

the project is attached if someone would like to try it out (needs to be compiled)
also I'd be glad to know if it compiles on linux and OSX...

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