[PD] [gem] gemframebuffer > pix_buffer_write

Pierre pierre at 314r.net
Wed Jun 20 20:22:33 CEST 2012


>> ok thanks, I will stay with [pix_snap] for now, on a good computer
>> it could works,
> "good computer" might help or not. more important is the gfx-card.

yes sure, and could I add to this list 'gfx-card drivers'
my current setup is : debian/sid x86_64, gtx460m with proprietary 
drivers, Pd and Gem from latest sources
(OffTopic : I want to use 'nouveau' but last time I used it, it was 2D 
only, any advise or experience with 'nouveau' welcome)

> also, if you can live with a slightly async transfer (that introduces
> a delay) _and_ you are uisng a recent version of Gem (unstable!), you
> could try the "pbo" message to [pix_snap] which will use PBOs (hence
> the name) to do the image transfer which could be a lot faster than
> the default method of [pix_snap]. otoh, it could be slower as well.
> usage: [pbo $1( with "$1" being the number of PBOs to use for the
> transfer (0 disables PBO-transfers, anything more than 2 might not
> really give you any improvement)
> fgamsdr
> Iohannes

Waouh, nice ! thanks for the trick !
I will try tonight and keep you informed,


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