[PD] dual boot debian-sid/puredyne install Pd (was) "oops: ALSA cards not reported in order?"

Julian Brooks jbeezez at gmail.com
Thu Jun 21 11:15:18 CEST 2012



Hmm indeed.

> $ dpkg -L puredata-core | grep bin
> /usr/bin/puredata

Cheers for the grep hint (not quite got to grips with the power of grep
yet).  With that I get:

Which is good info I think...
I had wanted to dual boot with the old puredyne install which is on the
same drive but separate partition.  Presumed that the puredyne/ubuntu
install wouldn't mess with the new debian install but perhaps/seemingly
that is not the case?

> so if you have puredata-core installed and there is no
> /usr/bin/puredata then something is wrong....

For sure:)

> the "whole thing" should only be "puredata" (+ dependencies).
> probably you want to try a more interactive package manager, like
> "aptitude", where you can inspect the exact versions that are
> installed and that are going to be installed/upgraded easily.
> Is with aptitude.  I meant reinstalling the whole freaking kit and
caboodle!  Will stave off the despondency, uninstall Pd from the puredyne
install and TRY AGAIN.

Cheers for all your help with this,

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