[PD] dynamic patching woes...

Patrice Colet colet.patrice at free.fr
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 you've described explicitely the reasons why I don't use abstractions in a dynamic patching project,
at least the audio part. The signal objects won't work unless you make some connections inside your abstraction,
manually or with an internal message. In fact instead of dynamically creating abstractions, using internal messages for constructing all the patch should be a better approach, you can store the lines of code that is constructing the patches with [textfile], and then you can clear and reconstruct any part of the patch by using an internal message manager, that can be made with a few objects.
 Also, I don't really get why you don't use [throw~] [catch~] [send~] and [receive~] instead of [inlet~] [outlet~]

Colet Patrice

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> Objet: [PD] dynamic patching woes...
> hi *!
> i've played around with dynamic patching to create readanyfs~-based
> players with variable number of channels, and i must say i'm not too
> happy with what i saw...
> in your experience, is dynamic patching a suitable approach outside
> of
> crash'n'burn live coding?
> it's almost manageable when working on a fresh canvas, but in order
> to
> add outlets depending on a creation parameter, i found it necessary
> to
> dynpatch a quite large abstraction (my object count offset is close
> to
> 200...). not fun. is there a less invasive way to get a dynamic
> number
> of outlets and separate the dynpatching from the main patch?
> also, i find that when i use my dynamically patched abstraction with
> those shine variable output ports, pd is unable to recreate the
> connections from those outlets to the dac~ object - i guess it's a
> race
> condition where it tries to connect before the objects have completed
> their startup. is there a workaround or alternative approach for
> this?
> last thing i was wondering: is it possible to use dynpatching to
> create
> a patch and then save that for later use? i think i saw someone
> mention
> this (frank b.?), but i can't seem to find the thread just now...
> pointers to examples would be most welcome.
> thanks,
> jörn
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