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Julian Brooks jbeezez at gmail.com
Thu Jun 28 12:21:07 CEST 2012

Hey all,

So, after re-reading the thread I guess we're at the point where some
[iPoke~] source would be helpful.

It would seem that there is still two possible approaches for the
[tabwrite4~] option (A & B), plus some still to be resolved issues such as
mixing/overwriting which presumably could be user-settings/options
dependent on the proposed usage e.g. modelling a moving source vs looping
software which are two very different practical issues.  Right?  I would
certainly be in favour, if it makes communal sense, to have one object
which could do both and, as of yet, other unforeseen things.

Perhaps too a reasonably straight port of [iPoke]? would be a good first
project to get this moving towards the proposed [tabwrite4~] or is part of
the problem that currently within Pd [iPoke~] is just not doable?

BTW, my 2-penneth, etc etc - naming wise, if we have hit upon something
which appears to be a fundamental lack from within current Pd I have to
admit to having a slight reservation on encroaching upon Miller's naming
strategy, i.e. would we be bagging something which he would prefer to keep
open for himself?  It is a damn good name.

Below is a first draft to P.A., please amend/contribute/re-write/leave as
you see fit:

Dear P.A.,

Thank you for the kind offer to make the source code of your Max/MSP
external [iPoke~] available for a port to Pd.

The source code will be shared amongst a small group of interested and able
Pd coders who have been contributing to a discussion on the Pd-list ('[PD]
ipoke~?') working towards a proposed new object (current working title
[tabwrite4~]).  Porting [iPoke~] and being able to understand how you have
managed to resolve some of the issues we currently face (with all due
credit), would be fundamental towards attempting to solve this very
interesting conundrum.

Currently we have not discussed some of the various important practical
issues such as licensing and who and where this new object would be

Our first aim would be to create a robust and cross-platform [iPoke~] which
would submit to all of our high standards.

It has been suggested that in keeping with a strategy of clear and open
communication we keep this discussion 'on-list' so please feel free to
respond in kind, or not.

Very best wishes and look forward to hearing from you soon.
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