[PD] first trial,. but no sound

Stefan Thomas kontrapunktstefan at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 20:05:15 CEST 2012

Dear Ian,
thanks for Your help!
I've tried pd -jack, as You've proposed, and I've got:

> was... 1
> priority 6 scheduling enabled.
> priority 8 scheduling enabled.
> open: /usr/lib/puredata/doc/7.stuff/tools/testtone.pd: No such file or
> directory
> testtone.pd: No such file or directory
Unfortunately, in /usr/lib/puredata/doc there's no directory called
7.stuff, there's only 5.reference and there's is no file testtone.pd!

2012/7/3 Iain Mott <mott at reverberant.com>

> Hi there - If you wish to use jack, first check that qjackctl is
> actually started and running properly (you can click on the "Messages"
> button to see if something is wrong), then when you launch Pd from a
> terminal, make sure you have included the "-jack" flag in the command
> line. Yes, you'll need to check the DSP box. Can you copy the command
> line output of Pd and post it to the list (and also any print out from
> the main Pd window)? It might show what is wrong.
> What audio patch are you testing? Have you tried the "Test audio and
> MIDI" patch? In my version of Pd this can be found under the "Media"
> menu.
> Cheers, Iain
> On Tue, 2012-07-03 at 17:51 +0200, Stefan Thomas wrote:
> > Dear community,
> > I've installed pd, version 0.43.0-4 on my ubuntu 12.04 machine (64
> > bit) from the repositorys.
> > Unfortunately, I can't get sound out of it.
> > First I'started qjackctl, and then PD. From the menue "Media" I choose
> > "Jack".
> > In qjackctl I can see, that system and puredata are connected.
> > When I know click "Media", "test audio and midi" unfortunately nothing
> > happens, it doesn't matter if the box DSP is choosen or not.
> > I can also open some patches, but I dont know how to get sound of it.
> > Am I missing something very simple?
> > Sorry, but I can't find my mistake.
> >
> >
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