[PD] sending band/float/symbol via network to pd-vanilla

Joe White joe at rjdj.me
Thu Jul 5 19:15:51 CEST 2012

Are you sending a lot of messages into Pd?

I find it's simpler to just make a dummy abstraction in the patch that
mimics the functionality and messaging system of the app and make sure it's
not available when building on the phone.

Obviously depends on your setup, but in this way I can work in parallel
with the app side development.


On 5 July 2012 14:41, Sebastian Dorda <hagish at schattenkind.net> wrote:

> > YOu can use netreceive and then make a patch to distribute the messages.
> >
> > Easiest way, although inefficient, is each time a mesage arrives, empty
> > out a message box, put in a semicolon ("addsemi" message) and then add
> > the incoming message (using [list prepend add] adn [list trim].
> It took my a while to figure this out but now it works.
> Thanks for the hint.
> Now I use a netreceive with an empty message box.
> To send a bang to "test123" I transmit the following via tcp from the game.
> set;                  // clears the box
> addsemi;              // just adds a ;
> add test123 bang;     // adds my message: test123 bang;
> bang;                 // trigger rerouting and transmits bang to test123
> Just in case somebody encounters the same problem.
> > More sporting way is to use a [send] with no arguments, and then with
> > list and trigger magic get the first symbol to the right inlet and the
> > rest to
> > the left.
> Currently the above solution works good enough for us. So I did not try
> this one.
> >> we try to integrate pd into a mobile game and plan to send data via
> >>
> >> int libpd_bang(const char *destination)
> >> int libpd_float(const char *destination, float value)
> >> int libpd_symbol(const char *destination, const char *symbol)
> >>
> >> For debugging purpose we want to be able to run a debug version of the
> >> game and a pd instance on a pc to see whats going on inside pd.
> >>
> >> Is it possible to trigger these methods using pd-vanilla via network?
> >> Like a "more global" netreceive.
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