[PD] [pix_colorclassify] and the AirHackTable project

Ricardo Fabbri rfabbri at gmail.com
Tue Jul 24 16:17:27 CEST 2012

Dear All,

I would like to share the AirHackTable project with you which, among
other things,
has yielded the new (official) [pix_colorclassify] and [pix_equal]
objects in Gem.

The Airhacktable is a musical instrument which is controlled by color
origami that float over a grid of recycled coolers. The table is
itself an origami made out of recycled cardboard.
A webcam captures the movements of floating origami and transforms
their flight patterns into sound patterns, in real-time. Each color
modulates a distict "voice".
The origami can be left to float by themselves, or can be
coerced/played with by the "DJ" operator (pix_colorclassify
effectively performs skin masking).

The website for the project is


Instructions on how to install and operate color
detection/classification are also available therein in the form of a
text file and also through video tutorials.

This project has already been presented at several occasions in
Brazil, notably to thousands of people in Festiva Contato
and its color-based sound modulation engine has also been used in live
coding sessions (in Festival Contato as well). Thank you Pd for
together such an awesome software that has enabled all this and many
other events!

I will be presenting the ins and outs of the software at the
International Free Software Forum (FISL) at a workshop tomorrow.

A new AirHackTable will be built in another workshop at SESC pinheiros
(Sao Paulo).

Hope the project ideas, code and color detection tutorials can be useful.

Best Regards,
Dr Ricardo Fabbri
Professor of Computer Engineering
GNU/Linux registered user #175401

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