[PD] ANN: New version of Pd-L2Ork Software Featured in the Inaugural VT ICAT Maker Workshop for Middle-School Kids

yvan volochine yvan.pd at gmail.com
Tue Jul 31 12:20:33 CEST 2012

On 07/31/2012 12:47 AM, Ivica Ico Bukvic wrote:
> Hi, thanks for your interest. Please see my comments below...

Hi Ico

> Well, I guess that is relative depending on what information format works
> the best for you  (something that is impossible to do in a way that pleases
> everyone) and at least in part how carefully you read the instructions

my sincere apologies for not properly reading the website (== with eyes 
closed) and writing an email to the list while I'm under job pressure. 
also for making you repeating half of the webpage here!

>>> I don't think using an archive name
>>> different than its main folder name is a good idea really)
> This is leftover to mimic the svn of the pd-extended for those who are
> comfortable with its file structure.

that somehow makes sense but I still find this "unnatural".

>>> - is there an "unbloated" version of pd-l2ork?
> Again, read the site. The second entry under the pd-l2ork heading states:
> Core Pd-L2Ork source snapshot (v.20120730)
> Core PD source only
> Does not include pd-extended-specific externals and documentation
> enhancements
> Does not include L2Ork specific abstractions or additional precompiled
> externals
> Git repository available here
>> Indeed. 15MB is only core pd source. 27MB is fully binary distro, and 130MB
>> is complete source with all the externals and libs and additional build
>> scripts.

ok, this is what confused me.
I was expecting the following on your github repo:
pd-l2ork-core-source + l2ork-externals sources + pd-l2ork abstractions 
and a pd-l2ork README.

>>> - about L2Ork Folder Structure: do you really create 2 new user
>>> accounts when installing pd-l2ork?
> No one creates any new users. It is simply designed to install system-wide.
> If you look at the build scripts, you could create a binary that installs
> inside your own home folder if you like. I simply have not messed with that
> option as I prefer the system-wide setup for which all the prebuilt configs
> are also adjusted for. Assistance in testing/expanding this is as always
> welcome.

ok, this was not clear from the website..

>>> I wish there was just a git repo with one README.
>>> 3 lines in my terminal et voilà ;)
> There is a git repo you can pull from, as I mentioned above. There are
> 3-line instructions, as stated above, including building from source (which
> is identical to regular pd). Not sure what else I could've provided to make
> this any easier for you assuming you took a few minutes to read what was
> there.

as stated above, I expected one repo to rule them all (well, maybe not 
with pd-extended externals but at least everything pd-l2ork related).

BTW, do you have a version control for pd-l2ork externals?

thanks for taking the time to reply :)



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