[PD] ANN: New version of Pd-L2Ork Software Featured in the Inaugural VT ICAT Maker Workshop for Middle-School Kids

Ivica Ico Bukvic ico at vt.edu
Tue Jul 31 00:47:52 CEST 2012

Hi, thanks for your interest. Please see my comments below...

> > hiho
> >
> > this sounds really nice, but let me just add a couple of comments.
> >
> > - it took me 5 min to find the tar.bz2 download link on your website
> > (really)

Well, I guess that is relative depending on what information format works
the best for you  (something that is impossible to do in a way that pleases
everyone) and at least in part how carefully you read the instructions
(which is obviously outside my control). On the top of the Software page it

The fastest way to get a working L2Ork-compatible software setup is to:
install “Burrito Supreme” version of L2Ork Pd-extended
install L2Ork Abstractions*

*even this part is not necessary unless you really wish to recreate exact
environment we use in L2Ork, e.g. if you wish to write a piece for the

Half a page below under the heading of Pd-L2Ork, the first entry is Burrito
Supreme. There is typically both a 32-bit and 64-bit binary build there
(right now 32-bit is being built so it's not there at this very moment). If
you click on 64-bit it will download a 28MB prebuilt binary with everything
included. If you click on its instructions it will take you down the page to
instructions section which are only three lines:

tar -jxf Pd*.tar.bz2
cd Pd*
sudo make install

And you're done...

> >
> > - unpacking Pd-l2ork-dev-xxx.tar.bz2 via thunar puts everything into a
> > `pure-data' folder, messing up my pure-data git folder (I know I could
> > have used the terminal but I don't think using an archive name
> > different than its main folder name is a good idea really)

This is leftover to mimic the svn of the pd-extended for those who are
comfortable with its file structure. Building it however is super-easy (as
per instructions) and is also only 3 lines (assuming you have all the
dependencies, please note you need tkpng which is something pd does not
require, as per warning found on the top of the page):

tar -jxf Pd*
cd Pd*/l2ork_addons
./tar_em_up.sh -f

This will recompile the entire source tree (including externals) using
default “–enable-jack –enable-alsa” Linux flags (for advanced flags you may
have to manually edit “tar_em_up.sh” file–look for the line with
“./configure” call and adjust it accordingly) and create a “Burrito Supreme”
tarball in the folder where the original Pd* folder was created containing
full install (including additional externals, abstractions, updated
documentation, and the auto-installing Makefile). Once the tarball is
created, to install it on your own computer, go back to the appropriate
directory, decompress the tarball and run the installer using the same
instructions as the “Burrito Supreme” installer:

cd ../../
tar -jxf Pd-l2ork-full*
cd Pd*
sudo make install

Now simply run the program by typing:


> >
> > - is there an "unbloated" version of pd-l2ork? like a
> > pd-vanilla-l2ork? (i.e. maybe I don't need 130Mo of libraries that
> > I'll probably never use, but there I might be missing what pd-l2ork is
> > about...)

Again, read the site. The second entry under the pd-l2ork heading states:

Core Pd-L2Ork source snapshot (v.20120730)
Core PD source only
Does not include pd-extended-specific externals and documentation
Does not include L2Ork specific abstractions or additional precompiled
Git repository available here
Install instructions
mainly compare this iteration to the Pd vanilla and Pd extended

> Look in http://l2ork.music.vt.edu/data/pd/
> There are 15 and 27Mb tarballs.

Indeed. 15MB is only core pd source. 27MB is fully binary distro, and 130MB
is complete source with all the externals and libs and additional build

> >
> > - why not having the pd-l2ork-dev snapshot on your github? it would
> > make the install *much* simpler... right now I'm not sure what is `pd-
> l2ork/pd'
> > github repository...

You can simply check it out using git command, e.g. git pull
<git_repository>, and that will be identical to downloading the 15MB Core Pd
listed above.

> >
> > - about L2Ork Folder Structure: do you really create 2 new user
> > accounts when installing pd-l2ork? if yes, why? do users need to tweak
> > those when using rt-kernel (like adding the users to audio group, or
> > any other fancy things)? why not keeping it simple and use pd-l2ork
> > with the current building user (like I would expect with any other
> application)?

No one creates any new users. It is simply designed to install system-wide.
If you look at the build scripts, you could create a binary that installs
inside your own home folder if you like. I simply have not messed with that
option as I prefer the system-wide setup for which all the prebuilt configs
are also adjusted for. Assistance in testing/expanding this is as always

Bear in mind since pd-l2ork's source files have identical names to those of
pd's (but by default live in the /usr/local/include/pdl2ork/ folder), when
building pd-l2ork from the source, you need to make sure other (vanilla pd)
includes are not found before these as that will make the compilation fail
(pd-l2ork's includes are increasingly different from the regular pd).

> >
> > sorry if this sounds picky, no offense intended (and I probably missed
> > the obvious)..
> > once again, this project looks very nice but frankly, it's the 2nd
> > time this year I wanna give pd-l2ork a shot and just gave up because
> > all these points make it very hard to understand what/how to
> > build/install... I wish there was just a git repo with one README.
> > 3 lines in my terminal et voilà ;)

There is a git repo you can pull from, as I mentioned above. There are
3-line instructions, as stated above, including building from source (which
is identical to regular pd). Not sure what else I could've provided to make
this any easier for you assuming you took a few minutes to read what was

Hope this helps!

Best wishes,


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> > thanks for the enlightments =)
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> > best,
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