[PD] readsf~ problem with 28-channel 256hz file

kristof lauwers pd at kristoflauwers.domainepublic.net
Tue Aug 7 16:23:23 CEST 2012

At 14:07 2012-08-07, i go bananas wrote:

>If you only want to playback the data, then the easiest way might be 
>just to change pd's sample rate to 256hz.
>If that doesn't work, maybe have a look at readsf~ help to see how 
>to manually set playback parameters

well, i want to use the EEG data as control data for an audio signal, 
so lowering the samplerate is no option..
the help from readsf~ doesn't say anything about changing the 
samplerate.. (but shouldn't it just read the right samplerate from 
the file? it's a normal .wav file..)

At 15:17 2012-08-07, Johanna Nowak wrote:
 > have a look at the help-file for the block~ object, which can do
 > up/downsampling in a subpatch.

i tried running it from a subpatch with a lower samplerate, but that 
didn't change anything..

 > If you have enough ram, you could also load all soundfile data into 28
 > tables, and read from those using tabread4~ or even a message-based
 > tabread followed by a line~.

i will give that a try. thanks for the suggestion!



>On Tuesday, August 7, 2012, kristof lauwers wrote:
>I'm trying to play back a rather uncommon file with readsf~. It's 3 
>hours of EEG data, on 28 channels, with a samplerate of only 256 hz. 
>At first sight, readsf~  deals well with the 28 channels, but it 
>seems to play it back way too fast.. Is there a way to make rit play 
>back the file at the right speed?
>I'm using Pd version 0.40.3-extended on windows xp..
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