[PD] Pd Vanilla on Raspberry Pi

Stephen Lucas s9lucas at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 23:19:42 CEST 2012

I've gotten my Rpi to run pd-vanilla using the regular apt-get install on
RPi Wheezy 7/15/2012.

I'm using the 3.5mm out jack because that's simpler for me to pipe into my
monitoring system.

I wasn't very systematic about documenting the process but I'll try to
recount the steps I took to get it running.

I did have to do some monkeying with the config.txt to get it to stop
defaulting to HDMI.

I also did some of these steps which seemed to turn off auto default output

I have the audio output set to ALSA (hardware) with 2channels.

The 3.5mm audio output is a bit dirty sounding. This it really obvious with
pure tones but not too terrible with more complex sounds. I've heard that
the HDMI audio output doesn't have this problem as much. I did have to turn
the output delay up to 500-1000ms and the audio vector to 512.

I got the phase vocoder running and it sounds fine. However, any additional
CPU work interrupts PD and causes some very nasty full output crackles.
This includes (what I believe are) CPU rendered mouse cursor movements,
meaning that touching the mouse usually interrupts audio. This is not
always predictable as I'm sure there are some background processes that are
also interfering a little.

I haven't tested any of my really large/intense audio patches to get an
idea of where the thresholds are.

My main goal is to get Gem going so I'll send an update when I have more
progress on that.

-Stephen Lucas

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> sorry, of course this should have been http://raspberrypi.org !
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