[PD] finding objects ?

Jonathan Wilkes jancsika at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 6 20:12:35 CEST 2012

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>>  > New users will be totally oblivious to what this means.
>>  It doesn't matter-- replace my text with your hypothetical progress 
> bar.  It's
>>  still clearly better to make the user wait and watch the progress bar 
> _only_
>>  when they finally do something with the search plugin than it is adding
>>  several orders of magnitude more load time to Pd for something many
>>  people may never use.
> I am confused. I thought that the search plugin can be used both in the browser 
> as well as when creating objects (as in auto-completion).
No, the auto-completion is a different plugin.
> If former, I can see 
> your point to an extent. If latter, then I heartily disagree.
>>  > When a new user picks up
>>  > pd (or in this case pd-l2ork, as was the case this summer with 30+
>>  > 5th-12th
>>  > graders) you want things to just work.
>>  Search-plugin does work && it indexes at startup: yay!
>>  Search-plugin does work && it indexes at first search (or first 
> opening of
>>  search-plugin): yay!
>>  Search-plugin does not work && it indexes at startup: Pd sucks!
>>  Search-plugin does not work && it indexes at first search (or first 
> opening of
>>  search-plugin): Search-plugin sucks!
>>  Thus I conclude the proper place for the indexing is not at startup.
> Again, I am lost. Why would it not work? If it is also auto-completion (which I 
> think it should be, otherwise why go through all that trouble just to have it in 
> a browser), then why would it not ever work?
All I'm saying is that _if_ there are problems, having the index build at startup
will hurt all users, but having it build at search time (or at the point where the user
opens the search plugin) will only hurt people trying to use the search plugin.

>>  I just went through problems with Gnome 3 trying to run a bunch of tracker-
>>  * services to index my harddrive and blowing up cpu usage, so I speak as a
>>  user when I say that I don't like that design.
> It's all in the implementation. We're not searching the entire drive but 
> a very limited set of folders...
Can it be done in a few milliseconds?  If so then that's fine.  Otherwise I'm not in
favor of increasing startup time by several orders of magnitude.


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