[PD] arraysize WAS apt.puredata.info is back!

Simon Wise simonzwise at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 13:32:24 CEST 2012

On 28/09/12 12:48, Jonathan Wilkes wrote:

>>>   I'm referring to what Hans wrote:
>>>>   For me, apt-get install pd-arraysize is far easier than trying to
>>>        remember that [expr] trick.  And thankfully we can write externals,
>>>        so we can have choice. :-)
>> exactly ...
> Not exactly-- you were referring to using the Debian packaging
> system in a general sense to find packages, and you were saying that
> calling someone who uses it a mythical user is not inaccurate.

no .. I was saying that debian users who treat their debian repository as an 
extension of their system and the first place to look for something they need to 
do are not mythical at all, that if you are familiar with the debian tools it is 
very quick and easy to find which package has a file or functionality you are 
looking for, and that not surprisingly some of these users are able and willing 
to do the extra bit of work to make things they find useful available in the way 
they find convenient.

If some debian users find it convenient then it isn't obsolete and shouldn't be 
deprecated unless the maintainer is tired of keeping it there or it is becoming 
incompatible with other things in that system.

A huge number of non-debian users also benefit from the work done in debian 
maintaining dependency information, documenting licensing and building for a 
variety of hardware platforms ... they benefit via developers using that 
information to set up the systems that are widely used. A few extra bits and 
pieces that are mainly useful to a few debian users isn't a problem.


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