[PD] rjdj is gone, robotcowboy is coming ...

Simon Wise simonzwise at gmail.com
Sat Nov 3 05:11:57 CET 2012

On 03/11/12 11:44, Scott R. Looney wrote:
> thanks for that excellent information Simon! very descriptive.
> i am partially wondering about this myself because there are a few
> developers out there using PD/libpd as a sound engine for games, and one
> obstacle encountered is that it is not possible to use pd-extended under
> libpd because of the issues copyleft/GPL presents when creating iOS apps. i
> am personally in favor of open source/copyleft myself, but it is a
> significant issue. i for one would love to see the cyclone library (both
> audio and data objects) ported under a different license - is this just a
> matter of recompiling from source independently, or should i get permission
> from the maintainer (i think it's HC, right?) to do so?

If NONE of the original source you use is copyleft (and you do everything else 
yourself) it would be fine, though talking to the current maintainer is very 
appropriate and may save you wasting time ... you would need to check the 
licensing carefully, and a build system is already set up so it would be easy 
enough for them if they were willing to allow their own contributions to be 
distributed without a copyleft license.

Debian policy is quite strict about redistributing the original source code with 
the original licenses intact and properly documented and since that is where it 
is maintained that information should all be there in pd-cyclone.deb, with the 
sources and Debian patches all in the Debian source repositories. The Debian 
maintainer has done all that work for you. If it is currently described as GPL 
then the sources are probably copyleft licensed and hence incompatible with the 
App Store.


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