[PD] Bug-Report

Benjamin Voßler benjamin.vossler at uni-weimar.de
Thu Nov 15 17:03:14 CET 2012

Hey everyone,

Mac OS X 10.8.2 offered a new bug in every Pd Version I tried.

When I try to start Pd it looks like it will run (the icon in the Dock bounces up and down as usual), but it breaks up at different points in time, 
before it comes to an point where the surface of the program is visual.

Any suggestions?

Annotation: last night it worked perfectly, this morning… not.



Benjamin Voßler
5. Fachsemester
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Bauhaus Universität Weimar
Studentische Hilfskraft, SeaM
mail: benjamin.vossler at uni-weimar.de
phone: +49 176 8434 7574

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