[PD] pd~ & gem

puredata at 11h11.com puredata at 11h11.com
Sat Nov 24 05:44:01 CET 2012

it's working but i have a major "party breaker":

[pd~ start -rt -nosleep -nogui bgAudio.pd<
[pd~ -ninsig 2 -noutsig 2]

[pd~ start -noaudio -nrt bgVideo.pd<

= glitches in sound when pushing GEM. using 2 instances of pure data  
(with the same options) i don't have any glitch, of course the fps is  
slow but the sound is intact.

what am i doing wrong here? i would like to use this setup (avoiding  
communication with netsend and starting manually 2 instances of pd).


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