[PD] can i bypass comport?

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Mon Nov 26 16:33:14 CET 2012

I am going to investigate the updated wifly, wiflyserial and ethernet
libraries onto the sketch for the rn-xv/arduino.  this should allow me
create a "serial socket" or something, once i grasp all that stuff a bit
better.  tcpclient, in place of [comport]  connects and shows data sent but
nothing is happening in pd or the arduino fio.  i have begun toying with
udpsend/udprecieve but that isnt working because i am sure that i havent
connected the i/o in a manner that provides [comport] replacement
functionality.  i should have some results from that shortly.  from what i
have read, the way udp works might be better and if i can get one of the
above libraries to see it, maybe my problem will be solved.  i will let you
what i come with in a few hours

On Sun, Nov 25, 2012 at 10:59 PM, Martin Peach <martin.peach at sympatico.ca>wrote:

> On 2012-11-25 15:51, onyx at onyx-ashanti.com wrote:
>> if comport could accept an ip port argument, as well as a serial port
>> argument, all would be lovely and nothing would have to change.  it
>> would simply recieve itsport from the ip.  is there anything like this?
> In pd-extended there are [udpsend] and [udpreceive] as well as [tcpclient]
> and [tcpserver] that can be used instead of [comport].
> Probably you'll need to add a [import net] to get them.
> Martin

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