[PD] mp3 (layerII) or .wav/.aif stereo player!

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Wed Nov 28 21:40:41 CET 2012

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>Soundwise we all know wave and aiff sounds better, but I am a bit surprised this seems to be a so complicated and sensitive issue about having pd play a compressed sound file with some ease. Maybe this has been discussed over the years over and over,so forgive me if this already stated somewhere about these things. 

Sound quality has absolutely nothing to do with it.  If there was a piano that sounded and played like a
Steinway 9-foot grand but was 1/5 the price, would you really take a Steinway salesman seriously if
he countered that the highest octave sounds slightly different when you put your ear directly above
the strings?[1]
Curious about [readanysf~] and gmerlin-- I thought you had to pay royalties to do mp3 encoding/decoding.
Am I wrong on that?

Hans-- if [readanysf~] could compile on Windows would it be possible to include it in Pd-Extended?  Or are
there patent issues that keep it from being included?  (If so, how does gmerlin get around them?)


[1] Analogy is good for any use of Pd that merely plays back a soundfile and/or attenuates the signal, for
which there are many, especially for newcomers (random shuffle, alarm clock, build your own Furby with
Raspberry Pi, etc.)

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