[PD] pix_film leaks memory

Steffen Kraska stefffens at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 12 18:33:27 CET 2012

i am currently working on a patch that.
loads random movie samples into gemwin via pix_film. i reconized memory 
related crashes,
that seem to originate in a memory leak in pix_film.
i could reproduce the error with the pix_film helpfile. If you look at 
pds used memory,
it increases everytime you load a new file and it does not flush, or get 
empty again.
so my pd crashes arround 3GB of ram used
my system is a mba 2012 with 8gb ram. pd is 0.42.5 extended (standart 
download from the website).
any help would be apreciated.

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