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> >That's nice for people who are used to doing that from Max/MSP.  I've never
> >found a reason to want that feature, so I haven't implemented it.  Can someone
> >explain how they use it?
> You partly answered your own question.  Another reason is if you are mucking
> around in the source you can just copy-paste it into a new patch instead of
> closing, opening the file selector and choosing that file again.
> Another reason is you can select the code off the browser and immediately
> play with a patch off svn instead of saving it to a location and opening it.
> Another reason is that you can throw text up on a pastebin for people
> who you don't necessarily have an email address for (e.g., on IRC), and they can paste it
> into a new patch instead of copy-pasting it into a text editor, choosing save,
> choosing a save location, choosing "Open" in Pd, navigating to that same
> location where they saved it, selecting it, and eventually deleting the patch
> when their download directory is full of junk.

Makes sense.  

> Another reason is that it makes super easy to exchange code snippets in email and on forums.

I find attachments are much less error prone for that, especially if you zip or tar.gz it.  It used to be that lots of mail clients sucked at MIME, but I think those dark days are past us, except for those who willing choose to be the darkness ;-)

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