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> Hi
> On Dec 22, 2012, at 10:37 PM, Pierre-Olivier Boulant wrote:
>>  Hi,
>>  I'm starting the translation in French.
>>  I found this wierd one:
>>>  performance some sort of analysis on the incoming signal or value
>>  Should it read "performs" ?

It shold read "perform".  Also should probably remove "some sort of" from the description.

Btw-- Here are the current results I have for objects tagged with "analysis".
If anyone can find more objects that need the tag "analysis", or a more
refined short description of "analysis" please let me know:

an attack detector for small percussion instruments 
Keywords: signal analysis

search for a best match to an incoming list 
Keywords: control storage analysis list_op

Fourier analyses
Keywords: signal block_oriented analysis

pitch estimator and sinusoidal peak finder 
Keywords: signal analysis

find peaks in an FFT spectrum
Keywords: control analysis

sinusoidal analysis and pitch tracking
Keywords: signal analysis

beat tracker
Keywords: control analysis

tries to detect chords
Keywords: control analysis

detect rising or falling edge in floats
Keywords: control analysis

gestalt detection for monophonic melodies 
Keywords: control analysis MIDI

calculates the average of the floats that came in within the last N milliseconds
Keywords: control analysis

get info about pitch
Keywords: control analysis MIDI

detects the beat of rhythmic patterns
Keywords: control analysis

score follower that tries to match incoming MIDI data to a score stored in an array
Keywords: control MIDI analysis

output number of input changes in N ms
Keywords: control analysis

> I also gazed on
> - store or manipulate an anything

An "anything" is any message that is accepted by the anything method
of a class.  I suppose I should shield this ugly terminology from the
user as much as possible.

Possible alternatives:
"store or manipulate messages" <-- too vague?
"store or manipulate any type of message" <-- what's a message "type"?  Doesn't include gem messages or GF grids...

> - provide trogonometric functionality (trigonometric?)

"provide trigonometric functionality"  <-- maybe "function" or "functions" or "function(s)"?


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