[PD] pix_record continues to record, even with rendering turned off

IOhannes m zmölnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Thu Dec 27 19:57:08 CET 2012

On 12/27/2012 01:33, Antonio Roberts wrote:
> record is started it uses a bang to turn on the gemhead and to capture

i'm talking abot [bang(ing [pix_record], which is something different 
than [bang(ing [gemhead].

> one frame, and then turns it off again. However, the time between the
> two frame captures is still recorded even if the gemhead is turned off
> e.g. the 20 seconds between two bangs will still be recorded even if
> rendering is stopped

i cannot check your example right now, but this can totally be desired 
behaviour. e.g. if your container supports variable framerates and you 
record two frames that are 20 seconds appart, you might end up with a 
20sec video containing of 2 frames.
(afair, you might be able to override the framerate (depending on the 
backend/container you are using).

> Also, stopping recording writes the movie file, and restarting
> recording will overwrite the previous file.

i was mainly pointing to the various ways to control [pix_record].
please check "auto" mode and manual frame progression in the help-patch.

>> even more interesting would be the OS and Gem-version your are using.
>> (but the above still is a valid answer)
> I'm using pd-extended 0.43.4~cvs20121225-1 on Ubuntu 12.04

since i'm not tracking PdX versions (and even less snapshot versions of 
PdX!), it is usually helpful to provide the Gem-version as well. 
(something like "0.93.3"; it should be displayed at startup - when Gem 
is loaded - though you might have to raise the verbosity of the pd-console)


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