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Thu Feb 7 06:05:02 CET 2013

Hi Eldad!

Recently we had a netmusic conference (http://netmusic2013.wordpress.com/)
and we used jacktrip for audio streams and bluejeans
(http://bluejeans.com/) to the video streams. Instead of some problems
with bluejeans, it worked.



> Hi all,
> I am looking for an accessible way to do a video conference with multiple
> parties (4 or 5) for a telematic performance.
> The bandwidth is there and visual latency is not an issue in this case.
> Any ideas about a stable platform for this would be greatly appreciated.
> In the past I worked with Access Grid, which was quite stable, but is very
> tricky to install on Snow Leopard and doesn't work at all on Lion and
> later. It still works on Windows, but not all the parties can get a
> Windows system,
> Google Hangout should work (I haven't tested it yet) but it doesn't allow
> you, to my knowledge, to separate the video windows and reorganize them on
> the screen.
> There are some paid cloud-conferencing services that can work for this,
> but as far as I know they work on subscription. If you know of such a
> service that allows renting a video conferencing service temporarily that
> could be helpful too.
> Many thanks for any help
> Eldad

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