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Thu Feb 7 07:52:47 CET 2013

Just to add one cent, it looks simpler to put everything on same package, and should be faster for making server backups.

Patrice Colet 

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Thanks Hans!

Just one doubt: How does it work for different architectures? Should we
pack windows, linux and Mac in different packages? Or can we include them
in one package and the installer copies just the right one?


f schiavoni

> This stuff is already pretty well defined in the library template and the
> *-meta.pd file.  I think the meta file would be the place to add things
> like
> dependencies also.
> http://puredata.info/docs/developer/Libdir
> http://puredata.info/docs/developer/LibraryTemplate
> .hc
> On 02/05/2013 04:11 PM, fls at rendera.com.br wrote:
>> I agree that depencencies should not install libs. Since it seems to be
>> the biggest problem, maybe it should be postponed.
>> Yes, the repository maintenance can be solved latter too. Let's first
>> have
>> a repository and then think about the best way to keep it on date. :-)
>> I don't have skills with TCL but I agree that it is a good choice. Is
>> there how to open zip/tar/something files in TCL? If it can open the
>> package, it's perfect.
>> IMO, the first step is to install locally. Define a package structure, a
>> package header and the install script. Probably it can be used by the
>> remote install.
>> I suggest the following package structure:
>> /content.txt
>> /bin/files <-to compiled files (architecture dependent)
>> /help/files <-to help files (architecture independent)
>> /tcl/files <-to gui files (architecture independent)
>> This structure should be compacted / grouped in a file with some name
>> convention like package_name.version.pd_pkg.
>> The content.txt can be as follow:
>> name:
>> author:
>> version:
>> key-words:
>> web-site:
>> license:
>> flavor:
>> dependencies:
>> instructions:
>> The install script should select a package, open it, copy the external
>> to
>> the external dir, copy the help and tcl files to the correct folder,
>> rename the content.txt to the package name + version and copy it to an
>> folder designed for this kind of file.
>> Cheers
>> f schiavoni

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