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> But it doesn't give you the name of the patch itself (which could be useful
> for auto-naming files associated with the patch, e.g. soundfiles). L2ORk's
> patch_name does everything getdir does (optional argument traverses
> structure upwards to provide you with info of patches/abstractions above it)
> plus gives you the patch name.

So does canvasinfo:

with a bang method that prints all the canvas attributes to the console for quick reference.
Way easier for the user since each attribute is a method within a single object,
with a standard interface (and if more attributes are needed it's trivial to add them without
breaking anything).  Also easier to develop, as adding another attribute is as simple as
adding a method (as opposed to copy/pasting yet another external class, which is the
equivalent of copy/pasting subpatches instead of learning to use abstractions in Pd).


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