[PD] Gem newbee question/antialiasing of edges on "boxes"

Cyrille Henry ch at chnry.net
Wed Feb 27 18:39:05 CET 2013

I use linux. in this OS, driver is more a problem than hardware.
so i used Nvidia because that was the only one that provide good driver (proprietary).

2 years ago, i was not able to choose the computer to use for a performance, so i had to use a ADM GPU. Driver did improve a lot and things where usable.
i did not try since.

since few years, nvidia had the optimus system for laptop that allow 2 GPU: intel and nvidia to work on the same time.
The intel GPU is for everyday use, the nvidia for graphical demanding application.
No real good drivers allow to use this on linux. So most of the time the nvidia is slower than the intel.

So i've got a optimus latop. I use the intel gpu most of the time for Gem. Even for performances.
but sometimes it's good to have the nvidia, for testing, and for non real time rendering.

So, looking only at the hardware :
nvidia and amd build low / medium and high end GPU.
intel did only do low end gpu.
but i'm still surprised by my intel HD4000 : working with shader, it's lot's faster than the mid range nvidia i used 3 years ago.

hope that help


Le 27/02/2013 18:12, jamal crawford a écrit :
> hi
> thank you for the advise. I think I'll go practicing and experimenting
> on "boxes" before I figure what gpu I want to invest in.
> If its not too confidential, may I ask you to share your systems
> (OS/hardware) specs, when you are working/performing with Gem.
> ./jc
> On Wed, Feb 27, 2013, at 12:46 AM, Cyrille Henry wrote:
>> Le 27/02/2013 00:42, jamal crawford a écrit :
>>> hi Cyrille and list
>>> yes i found some configuration tools and maxed them up and yes i can see
>>> the smoothing now (which still is grainy, but its ok), but it seems like
>>> polygon_smooth does nothing. i have no nvidia gpu, so no FSAA for me
>>> (but something called ati radeon express m200 from somewhere 2006 on
>>> this win box). i guess so far i will be left in a dust (of smoothly
>>> rendered boxes), until i'll buy an nvidia gpu.
>>> Can anyone advise an nvidia gpu (or some tech specifications) which will
>>> be powerfull enough to render the edges as smoothly (cirka) as on that
>>> picture, i linked.
>> any nvidia gpu will do antialiasing with no problem.
>> but if you wish to render 10000 big square, you probably need something a
>> bit better than the cheapest GPU available.
>> cheers
>> c

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