[PD] Gem newbee question/antialiasing of edges on "boxes"

jamal crawford threen52 at ml1.net
Wed Feb 27 22:02:40 CET 2013

it does help indeed, big thanks for the reply
i also use linux, but on a another box (with intel gma something
stoneage) which i optimized strictly for sound. so i borrowed this box
to play around with. Does anyone know how are the ati drivers with
linux/GEM combination?

On Wed, Feb 27, 2013, at 09:39 AM, Cyrille Henry wrote:
> I use linux. in this OS, driver is more a problem than hardware.
> so i used Nvidia because that was the only one that provide good driver
> (proprietary).
> 2 years ago, i was not able to choose the computer to use for a
> performance, so i had to use a ADM GPU. Driver did improve a lot and
> things where usable.
> i did not try since.
> since few years, nvidia had the optimus system for laptop that allow 2
> GPU: intel and nvidia to work on the same time.
> The intel GPU is for everyday use, the nvidia for graphical demanding
> application.
> No real good drivers allow to use this on linux. So most of the time the
> nvidia is slower than the intel.
> So i've got a optimus latop. I use the intel gpu most of the time for
> Gem. Even for performances.
> but sometimes it's good to have the nvidia, for testing, and for non real
> time rendering.
> So, looking only at the hardware :
> nvidia and amd build low / medium and high end GPU.
> intel did only do low end gpu.
> but i'm still surprised by my intel HD4000 : working with shader, it's
> lot's faster than the mid range nvidia i used 3 years ago.
> hope that help
> cheers
> Cyrille

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