[PD] direct connection from pd to webrowser, low latency

august august at alien.mur.at
Thu Apr 25 19:33:59 CEST 2013


Interesting idea. 

What kind of threshold are you looking for regarding latency?
I assume this would be for a local network, right? 

If I were you, I would first try to fine-tune your current setup by
getting all latency variables as low as possible (icecast, pd+oggcast~,
and the html audio player).

ICECAST:  There should be config settings for it where you can manage
the buffering/latency.  Usually buffering/latency is good for streaming
media since you never know what will happen on the network.

oggcast~ : I'm guessing it is as low as it can go right now, but there
may be an internal buffer that you can adjust/downsize.

HTML audio player: Most importantly, in the HTML, you should check to
make sure that the audio is not buffering. My guess is that this is
where you are experiencing the largest latency.  Since HTML5 is a
moving target, I'm not sure how you would currently do that.  May not
even be possible.


Then, if the above didn't work, you might try to hook up the output of
a TCP netsend to a websocket and then translate the audio data chunks
into JS Audio.  UDP won't work on websockets AFAIK. 

best -august.

onyx at onyx-ashanti.com say:
> Greetings!  I hope all is well with you.  I wanted to ask if i might gain
> some of your insight on a project i am undertaking.
> I am currently attempting to stream my audio into html5 capable web
> browsers of smartphones.  i have created a local network and installed
> nginx as my webserver.  i and a friend got everything working with the
> oggcast~ and mp3cast~ objects and the icecast 2 server, but the latency was
> horrific-5-15seconds.  I would like to investigate the idea of taking
> advantage of the plugin-less nature of these modern fast browsers and pipe
> the audio directly into it as directly as possible the same way voip works
> but lower bandwidth and only one way.
> I see that udpsend~ can do alot of what i think i want, but i am confused
> as to how i might connect it with the audio socket in the client browser
> (if socket is even the right term).
> Any insight would be greatly appreciated.  and if i get it working, as
> before, i will document the findings in a step by step once it works.
> thank y> 
> cheers!
> Onyx
> -- 
> www.onyx-ashanti.com

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