[PD] Pure Data Japan Launch Event will be video streamed on May. 29 2013

Chikashi Miyama chikashimiyama at yahoo.de
Sun Apr 28 10:02:21 CEST 2013

Hi list,

Sei and I have launched Pure Data Portal Website for Japanese users in February (http://puredatajapan.info)  
and we are very happy to announce that we will hold a launch event of our portal website in May.
The entire event will be webcasted using Ustream; We have selected a venue specialized for it!

The event features not only presentations and lectures but also many demos and live-performances by Japanese Pd users.
For example, a user employs Pd for controlling  LED-corsage, and another presenter utilizes Pd for getting data from his own touch-interfaces.
We are pretty sure that the show will be inspiring even if you do not understand Japanese ; )

Website:  http://tokyomax.jp/pd/
The URL of the webcast: http://2-5-d.jp
Date and Time: May 29. 2013 18:30 - 23:00 JST

The number of Pd users in Japan is gradually increasing. 
I hope Pd will soon become one of the most popular creative tools among the citizens of presumably the most geekiest country on the earth !

best regards,
Chikashi Miyama (Pure Data Japan)

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