[PD] direct connection from pd to webrowser, low latency

Varun Nair nothingtokeep at gmail.com
Sat Apr 27 17:15:37 CEST 2013

If you are looking at the audience carrying smart phones..

I recently worked a on a project where we wrote a custom OSC Android app 
that sent control data to the patch and an app called SoundWire that 
received audio on the phone and ran in the background. All communication 
was over a WiFi network we setup. Latency did obviously exist but it was 

The audio server app runs on Linux and Windows (no OSX unfortunately) 
and can have multiple devices connected to it.

I'd be happy to share more details if required.


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>>> Hi Onyx,
>>> What is your aim, do you want to entertain your (physically present)
>> audience via smart phones instead of PA system?
>> Actually it a sonic space I want to explore. To play to people on their own
>> personal "bionic ear". Click and listen. The scope for experimentation
>> intrigues me.  Gestural binaural processing will be fun.
> I implemented a version of an idea that had been done several times in the past
> ... a silent disco, where there are two djs playing to wireless headsets over 2
> different channels ... with all sharing the same physical space.
> The result is quite fun, in our case it was in a public square and was all
> powered by people jumping onto bikes hooked up to alternators etc
> (well - I did have quite a large battery in the circuit just to be sure it
> wouldn't all wind down and get boring, but we did generate enough power almost
> all the time)
> Simon
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