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"Onyx, is that an idea? Most cell phones do have an FM receiver. They only
work with wired headset connected, functioning as antenna. As wired
headsets can be cheap, just offer them for sale during the event. The good
thing with FM is, it has zero latency. I got a LinexFM transmitter from

not for this project.  I want to explore this new "everyone has a wifi
capable cellphone" space for a while, without plugins or apps.  I have
gathered quite a bit of data to that effect in the last day or so.  there
are audio api's for the various browsers that do the same thing is slightly
different ways.  i want to trick the server into accepting the output from
a network object out of pd, but i am also open to finding a low latency
server like the one from kaazing.  still studying though.


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