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*Solid Interfaces & Urban Games: Digital Games in the Public Space. Call 
for Projects*

Open Call for project proposals to be developed during a production 
workshop for the creation of video games related to public space and the 
city as an interface (July 1-7, 2013) in Medialab-Prado (Madrid, Spain).

During seven days of intensive work, ideas will be tested and prototypes 
developed by working with partners and technical assistants.

Deadline: May 31, 2013.

More information and submissions: 


In recent years, the video game experience has outgrown TV screens, game 
consoles and laptops, becoming increasingly ubiquitous. The availability 
of mobile devices, tablets, sensors, geolocation services, augmented 
realities and media facades has allowed the development of new game 
ideas experimentally and as a prototype. At the forefront of these game 
forms, which take place in some cases without the screen as an 
interface, is the interaction with other users and with the environment.

Moreover, commercial controllers like Wiimote or Kinect have popularized 
the idea of the game away from the traditional game controller, 
transforming the game into a complete physical experience.

This workshop proposes to think about games in the public space as an 
opportunity to generate other uses of the city and connections among its 

_Lines of Work_

The selection will consider ideas and projects that are already taking 
place and address one of the following elements:

· The use of urban furniture as an interface for the game
· Media Façade
· Non-random Games
· Interaction with the space
· Place specific
· Networked City


A maximum of 4 projects will be selected and developed collaboratively 
in this intensive workshop with the support of tutors, technical 
assistants and partners.

Once projects are selected, there will be an open call for 
collaborators, who will be fairly selected by the organization and the 
project promoters.

Open Call for collaborators. June 6 - 30, 2013

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