[PD] Crossfade between 2 rj lib save states?

JF saintidle at yahoo.com
Tue May 14 19:35:29 CEST 2013

> However don't rule out audio for speeding up the crossfade itself. Attached 

> is
> a very fast way of interpolating two 64-element parameter lists using audio
> operations in a subpacth, that is suspended after each interpolation run using
> a [switch~] object. Drive this at your desired metro-speed and you have a nice
> and tidy interpolation system. By using a different block size in the subpatch
> and bigger tables, you can also extend this to bigger preset list sizes. And it
> still is very fast - much faster than if you would use a message based approach
> which involves list unpacking and so on.

That's very impressive Frank. It's over my head a litte but I'll explore your 
patch to try and understand it. Thanks very much for posting.


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