[PD] Where is vanilla's makefile and other stuff located?

IOhannes m zmoelnig zmoelnig at iem.at
Wed Jun 26 10:24:37 CEST 2013

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On 2013-06-26 09:56, Alexandros Drymonitis wrote:
> I realised what happened. I've downloaded Pd from Ubuntu software
> center and it installed everything where it's supposed to go. What
> now confuses me a bit is that in the software center you can find
> the following: puredata, puredata-core and puredata-gui. If you go
> for puredata-core it advices you to also download puredata-gui. If
> you go for gui, it advices you to download puredata-core, or even
> puredata...

the debian packages are split into multiple packages, so you only have
to install what you need)
- - "puredata-core" is the DSP-engine only (no gui)
- - "puredata-gui"  is the GUI only (not DSP,messages,...)
- - "puredata" is a meta-package that depends on both (and more, like
puredata-utils (providing the "pdsend" utility) and "puredata-dev"
needed, if you want to compile your externals)

most users will simply want to install "puredata" and get everything.
those that do not want *everything* but most everything, will go and
install "puredata-core" and "puredata-gui".
those that do not need no gui, might be happy with just puredata-core.

> Well, I've downloaded puredata and it's working (although it
> crashes if I try to open the 'Test audio and midi' patch),

it should never "crash" (as in: "close the application")

> and it's located at /usr/bin/

yes, since "puredata" is managed by the package manager, it should go
into /usr

> and the rest are located at /usr/lib/puredata (btw, it's version
> 0..43.0-4,

yep. this is in order to allow pd-vanilla, pd-extended and pd-l2ork
coexist on the same installation.

> not the current...), but still no icon, still this warning at the
> Pd

i guess it is time to ask what you mean by this.
i get a nice icon when selecting "Applications->Multimedia->Pure Data"

> window: WARNING: Font family 'Courier' not found, using default
> (DejaVu Sans Mono)

yes. is his a problem?

> and still no makefile (I guess the software center took care of 
> it).

not really (but kind of).
debian (and derivatives like ubuntu) provide packages in binary
(precompiled on some vast build farms) form. these binary packages
(usually) do not come with source code and build system.
the distro guarantees, that you can get the source code is needed (but
that you need not bother with it if you don't).
other distributions like gentoo or arch will ship packages directly as
sourcecode and the packagemanger will compile/install them locally.

and your "software center" is simply an eye candy front-end to the
systems package manager.

> Well, I'm sticking to the makefile cause I'm going through Lyon's 
> 'Designing audio objects for max and pd' and he's making use of
> Pd's makefile when compiling an object...so I guess I'll need it,
> right?

well, yes, but mostly no.

first of all: you will need *some* makefile (or other build system) to
build your external.
you do **not** need the makefile needed to build Pd - after all, you
want to build an external and not Pd itself, no?

Pd comes with a wee bit of documentation on how to build externals
(including a...Makefile, named 'makefile'). on debian, this doc is
included in the puredata-doc package (aptly named, as it holds the
documentation for Pd) and you can find it in
(copy the entire directory into your home, in order to work on it)

but then, the Makefile you will find there is not very nice.
there is a *very* nice Makefile for building externals available at [1].
it is in daily use for building many external libraries out there
(unlike the documentation makefile that comes with pd, which basically
hasn't been touched for 10 years or more)

> IOhannes, at puredata.info I can only find vanilla 0.44.0 (for
> Linux, there's a version for RPi, is it good for a laptop as
> well?).

if your laptop has an ARM processor, it probably is.
since the former is unlikely, you will have to get "Pure Data for All
platforms", which contains the source.

> Where can I find the 0.44.3 package?
apart from that: miller is putting his releases on his personal
webpage [2], and puredata.info is synched whenever someone finds the
time to do it.


[1] https://svn.code.sf.net/p/pure-data/svn/trunk/externals/template/
[2] http://crca.ucsd.edu/~msp/software.html
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