[PD] pd-0.45 + jack == weirdness

Nick Lanham nick at afternight.org
Wed Jun 26 12:57:45 CEST 2013

On Wed, 26 Jun 2013, yvan volochine wrote:
> but please provide a way to disable this autostart-audio feature.
> (I don't know any audio app which starts jack for me

Any jack application that calls jack_client_open and does not pass JackNoStartServer will have this behavior.  You probably just haven't noticed this, or are using only old clients that are using the (now deprecated) jack_client_new.  (See http://jackaudio.org/files/docs/html/group__ClientFunctions.html#gabbd2041bca191943b6ef29a991a131c5 for the api docs on jack_client_open).

In my experience, most people using jack these days are aware that most clients will autostart the server if they haven't started it, and it does not confuse them.


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