[PD] PDP test release

Tom Schouten tom at zwizwa.be
Sun Jul 21 23:02:44 CEST 2013

hi IOhannes

On 07/19/2013 04:00 PM, IOhannes zmölnig wrote:
> hi tom,
> On 05/14/2013 09:35 PM, Tom Schouten wrote:
>> Hello,
>> There's a PDP release in the pipeline:
>> 0.14.0:
>>          Port ia32 MMX assembly code to GCC extensions (MMX support on
>> amd64)
>>          Add V4L2 support to pdp_v4l (merge with pdp_v4l2)
>>          Distill zl (Zwizwa Lib) from PDP and libprim/PF code.
> great news.
> while i haven't done any functional tests yet, i tried to build the
> "latest" snapshot (20130516_010555) and ran into two problems:
> - it will fail to compile if gsl-dev is not installed (regardless of the
> "enable-gsl" flag)
> - the v4l2 code bails out because of undefined
> attached are two patches that seem to fix these two problems.

thanks for the patches!

> btw, is your darcs repository public? this would allow meto simply pull
> the latest version instead of having to search my inbox (and
> http://zwizwa.be/pd/pdp/test/) - which is rather errorprone.

yes.  i just synced the public repo with my working copy: 

> hopefully there'll be a 0.14 release soon
i had been thinking to release current state as 0.14 since there were no 
more bug reports, but i'll include these fixes first.


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