[PD] New Blankets names Jonathan Wilkes "Artist in Transit Fellow" + *PdWeekend* in California November

Joe Deken newblankets at newblankets.org
Thu Oct 10 06:48:50 CEST 2013

New Blankets Inc. is a non-profit Foundation dedicated to the the
re-invention of the Free Community Public Library in the realms of new
media.  Specifically New Blankets develops the dimensions _of_

    --  free/open communities

    --  _circulation_  and _sharing_ mechanisms

    --  technology innovations

which together weave and support new benevolent cultural communities.

New Blankets is pleased to announce today the recognition of Jonathan
Wilkes as our latest "Artist in Transit" Fellow.

 . New Blankets has provided Jonathan with an initial honorarium of
   $500 to support his work.

 . In addition to the initial honorarium support, New Blankets has
   also launched a  "1 : 1 matching mini-fundraiser" during the
   coming month (October 14 - November 14, 2013),  to further support
   Jonathan and the Artist-in-Transit Fellowship:

     1)  That is, any contributions to New Blankets during Oct 14 - Nov 14
          which you kindly care to make and designate for "Artist in Transit"
          will be matched 1 for 1 by New Blankets -- up to a $500 matching
      2) At the end of the one month mini-fundraiser, the total sum
          (your contributions + NB matching amount) will be presented to
          Jonathan at *PdWeekend* -- to be held Nov 15-17, 2013 with Miller
          Puckette & Friends in San Diego and Los Angeles CA.

    If you would like to  make a contribution -- small or large -- to the
    New Blankets Artist-in-Transit fundraiser, please send e-mail ASAP to
    New Blankets, using the special fundraiser address :

               "wilkes_ait at newblankets.org"

    When we hear from you, we will arrange a convenient way for you to
    send your check or electronic payment to New Blankets, by whichever of
    several available methods may be most convenient for you.)

** PdWeekend**
              If you would like to participate in PdWeekend with us in
              California on Nov 15-17, you are cordially invited and most
                 Kindly RSVP "yes" and let us know your plans to participate
              with us in San Diego (Nov 15) or Los Angeles (Nov 16-17)
              by sending e-mail ASAP to:

                       pdweekend at newblankets.org

                 We will then send you a confirming e-mail immediately,
              and we will keep you advised as our *PdWeekend*  plans
              and the details of events move forward, from now until
              November 15.

              The *PdWeekend* events are quite informal, but they also
              will include four structured workshops on Saturday Nov 16
              -- in co-operation with CrashSpace LA:

        ....  .... ....  ....  ....  .... ....  ....  ....  .... ....
        * Miller Puckette:   Pd+Raspberry Pi
        * Katja Vetter:       DIY Live Sampling Microphone-Build &
        * Ico Bukvic:         Laptop Orchestrating with your Friends
        * Jonathan Wilkes: Your Computer, Your Creativity

         ** Registration is required each of the above workshops **
        ....  .... ....  ....  ....  .... ....  ....  ....  .... ....

           You may wish to peruse our (very much in-progress) plans
           for *PdWeekend* and the stellar list of participants --
           including Miller, Jonathan the other workshop presenters
           above -- at:


          **   Join us in CA in November!  Invite your friends, too!  **

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