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Hi Josh,

The cppTest does not make any sound, it only runs the patch to test that message sending is working (something quick and dirty I wrote, not meant to be a working example). This is the same as the plain C test. This is by design because there is no default audio api layer in pure C++, as opposed to Obj-C/Cocoa. I'll add some notes to the comments about this.

Simply put, you need to call the processFloat, processShort, etc functions in the audio processing callback of whatever audio api you use (PortAudio, Jack, CoreAudio, etc). So yes, the iOS examples do make sound because they use the libpd Obj-C audio unit and audio controller, but the cppTest does not.

Also, there has been some work on the Obj-C wrapper so it can work on OSX as well. Has anyone done that/gotten it working? I'd love to get some info/Github pull request on what to change so we can add that functionality.

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> Hi all
> Apologise for the novice question, but I'm trying to work purely with C++ & libpd (OSX desktop) and have been working with samples/cppTest/cpptest.xcodeproj from https://github.com/libpd/libpd.
> I can build the project fine (libpd & the cppTest app) but when it opens the test patch (or any for that matter) I do not get any sound.  The patch themselves works fine.  Print statements are ok and sending & receiving messages seem ok.  But I even built a patch which just *~ two phasors, and couldn't hear it when I used the cppTest code to open my patch.  I don't think there is anything wrong with libpd nor my sound card as I compiled & ran the iOSTest project (deployed to a simulator iPhone) and that worked (fuzzy audio, but sound came through).
> Anyone have any good ideas?  I know that with the output AudioUnit on OSX has a default volume of 0 (unlike iOS which has default of 1.0 for volume) so would it be something like that?
> Thanks!!!
> Josh

Dan Wilcox

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