[PD] gridflow archlinux

Charles Goyard cg at fsck.fr
Wed Nov 27 08:26:25 CET 2013


Fero Kiraly wrote:
> [paum at bookes gridflow-9.13]$ ./configure
> ./configure:25:in `<main>': Use RbConfig instead of obsolete and deprecated
> Config.
> ./configure:26:in `<main>': uninitialized constant CONFIG (NameError)

That's because your tools are too up-to-date for gridflow. That often
happens with archlinux (which I use and love).

You'll have to dig a little in the new features/conventions for the 
build chain and modify gridflow files.

Lots of people use ubuntu or debian, which are slow (sometimes 2 years)
to adopt new version of some tools.

But that's the deal with archlinux: you know what you're doing, are
you're responsible for it :).


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