[PD] an old debate ...

chevil ydegoyon at gmail.com
Sun Jan 5 00:36:50 CET 2014


just a little 'start of year' joke,
i'm reading in Vuforia's own private license the following :

"You agree not to directly or indirectly employ any Product received 
from QCE in missile technology, sensitive nuclear or chemical biological 
weapons activities, or in any manner knowingly transfer any Product to 
any party for any such end use. You shall not export Products listed in 
Supplement 2 to part 744 of the EAR for military end-uses, as defined in 
part 744.21, to the People’s Republic of China."

thats's what happens when you deal
with computer vision,
there's no other option...
ok, their SDK is much more professional but still ...

2014 is starting well,
don't spoil it with some other remarks/critics, thank you...


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