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Hey IOhannes, List

Sorry for the late reply, I was in holidays.

No problem, I just wanted to be direct concerning a problem that has been
affecting the nice work that you do (I am aware of all you work and I am
really grateful for this, more about this in the end of this email). And in
order to improve the work I would like to continue to be direct :-). So,
some other observations about my experience with glitches:

 I made all tests you suggested in the last months working with 2 complex
projects. I've read everything concerning glitches in PD and I was working
in OSX machines i5 and i7, m-audio interfaces and jack:

- The problem appears even in simple operations with of GEM objects
combined with audio
- Computational power seem to hide the problem. If you share the power with
other software the problems appear again.
- Increasing buffer size works in some cases but it is basically the same
case of the computer power

If you want to listen to the glitches look at the first minute of this
earlier version of a project installation we delivered in August. I've
minimized glitches using an i7:


I will try to provide a minimum example patch, soon.

Concerning my gratitude with people in this list: I finished my PhD in 2011
and returned to Brazil. I spend 2 years trying to validate in Brazil,
fighting against corruption in the university, trying to get a job (who
wants to give a job to a PhD with papers,  prizes, etc?) and health
problems in my family. The best way I found to keep my duties with my son
and normal life was to work as independent artist. Half of my income during
these two years came from projects or workshops using PD. After being
criticized and isolated in my reserach department because I was using "a
difficult, free and not so documented software" (words from my colleagues)
PD provided me very nice work possibilites back home and means to keep my
moral high. I am really grateful for the community and although I am not
always present here I keep spreading the word and working hard.

All the best, a great 2014 for everybody and thanks for everything.


On Sun, Dec 29, 2013 at 7:35 AM, IOhannes m zmölnig <zmoelnig at iem.at> wrote:

> On 2013-12-28 22:34, Luiz Naveda wrote:
> > I accept that you think I am not a professional as you are and I also
> > accept that I have all sort of design problems. No problem.
> sorry if it came through like this.
> i never wanted to insult you or question your programming skills (i
> don't know anything about them, so how am i to judge?).
> admittedly i was a bit fed up with an email which was basically saying:
> "Pd claims to be a multimedia platform and is far from any professional
> standards. please fix this!"
> (this reads as if my contributions (as this is what you are mainly
> talking about) to Pd do not meet professional standards and/or make Pd
> unfit for professional work...which i find slightly insulting myself).
> as for "design problems": i really don't think that this was an insult.
> design problems creep in everywhere. personally, i have loads of them,
> so i find myself redesigning and refactoring things all the time...and i
> don't think that this is a bad thing per se. so please accept my terse
> comment as a simple: "every now and then you should rethink your design".
> as for help: you *can* help solving any problem, even without being an
> expert in C++ and multimedia frameworks (dan has pointed out some ways).
> this is the way of open source: you don't have to be microsoft or apple
> to contribute to problems.
> gfrdsa
> IOhannes
> PS: probably the most constructive remark in my email was "in the
> meantime, raise the audio buffer of Pd".
> depending on your patch, this *is* likely to solve your problem at least
> partially, so you shouldn't just discard it (as being yet another snide
> remark in an unfriendly email).
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