[PD] Adjustable Range Knob

Pierre Guillot guillotpierre6 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 16:22:41 CET 2014

You can change dynamically all the properties. Send the "attrprint" message
to a GUI to post all the characteristics of the attributes (it gives you
the right messages to use). For c.knob : min and max define the range.
There's c.rslider on the git repository but only for Mac, it will be
available for all platforms with the next release.


2014/1/18 Eran Sachs <eransachs at hotmail.com>

> Hello list,
> I'm looking to for a gui that will help limit the movement range of an
> autopanned signal between two adjustable values in a 360 degree speaker
> array.
> Is there something a range knob anywhere on PD?
> Like Max's rslider, but on a knob. a knob that allows to select a certain
> range of its 360.
> mmb has hrslider, but with that I can't create movement that pass from -N
> pass 0 to +M. Plus there is no visual representation of the range.
> I looked at the Pierre's new C.KNOB on Chocolate  (the lib looks great!),
> which has both an endless mode as well as limited range. It might be the
> right way, but Pierre - is there a way to set the ranges dynamically?
> Thank you, collective brain unit.
> You rock.
> Zax
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