[PD] pd gui: partial interface freeze

Py Fave pyfave at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 17:07:38 CET 2014

i had the same problems while  using gem objects some time ago
it was because of text2d or text3d.

you can remove some gui stuff too .
replacing bng by bang for instance

and use [change] on your inputs to reduce the flow .

only suggestions , i don't remember what was the problem but i solved it

2014/1/18 ub at xdv.org <ub at xdv.org>

> hey there,
> i've been having this heisenbug for some time and learned to live with it,
> but having fixed some real bugs on my patch,
> this is the last one on my list and i'd like to give it a go, but no idea
> where to start.
> symptoms are:
> some time into performing (20min to 1h) all the sliders, messageboxes,
> dials and bangs sort of get stuck,
> meaning they do not change their display state anymore. i can however
> still drag and click their active parts
> and their output will react accordingly, but none of this is being
> displayed.
> i should probably mention, that checkboxes still work correctly.
> i had hoped it would go away moving from pd 0.42 to 0.43, but it didn't.
> this is 64-bit linux (ubuntu 12.04), pd-extended (now ubuntu-package,
> previously
> self compiled from git)
> speculations include:
> from a gut-feeling i suspect something like an input overload, ie some
> input
> shooting messsages at an insanely high rate, so the element's message queue
> (if there is such a thing) stops passing things on to the display.
> i also suspect vjtools/videogrid as it messes with the interface, but does
> have a few issues,
> like race conditions between thumbnail creation and thumbnail display, esp
> if there's
> two of them.
> hid: usb joysticks could maybe freak out and overload the interface inputs
> anyway i can not see any direct connection between what i do and when it
> happens.
> re-opening the patch doesn't help, only restarting pd does.
> has anyone ever seen (something like) that?
> any ideas about how to debug, where to look or what to try?
> thanks + cheers,
> ub
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