[PD] console font size really big

Peter P. p8rpp at aol.com
Fri Jan 24 23:31:51 CET 2014

Johnathan WIlkins wrote:

> I'd be curious to know what window manager you are using.
>Try going into pd-gui.tcl and find the line:
># tk scaling 1
>Remove the "#", save the file, and then restart Pd.  See if that
>solves the problem.

>(Depending on how you are running Pd, you may need to have privileges
>to edit that file) 


I am using fluxbox.

Indeed, editing /usr/local/lib/pd/tcl/pd-gui.tcl to yield
    tk scaling 1
solved the problem for me.

Interestingly there is a file /usr/local/bin/pd-gui.tcl present as
well, whose changes do not have an effet. This Pd is installed using
"make install" from within Miller's git sources. I wonder why
pd-gui.tcl is installed twice on my system, the latter one also being
in my $PATH.

Thank you again for this quick one Jonathan. 

There is a comment related to tk scaling in this very file just above
the scaling option:
    # we are not using Tk scaling, so fix it to 1 on all platforms.  This
    # guarantees that patches will be pixel-exact on every platform
    # 2013.07.19 msp - trying without this to see what breaks - it's
    # having
    # deleterious effects on dialog window font sizes.

Would be interesting to know wonder what the deletrious effects were.
But, hey- problem solved for me.


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