[PD] mouse icons

Peter P. p8rpp at aol.com
Fri Jan 24 23:59:30 CET 2014

Simon Wise wrote:

>They are certainly are system icons, they change if I change the
>system cursor 
>theme. In xfce different sets of icons are selectable as "themes" for
>the mouse.
>But here there has always been one missing ... the one shown while
>hovering over 
>an inlet or outlet in edit mode, but it never bothered me enough to
>find out 
>why, and anyway I've got an oldish pd installed so it may have been
>fixed already.

thank you! I was able to select a theme that suited me better using
(under Debian)
        sudo update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme

Now I am looking for a way to disable the arrow-cursor that is
mirrored directions when you hover the mouse over an object that can
be clicked and use the normal error for it.
But somehow I can't find the file that holds the cursors themselves.
Otherwise I could delete the mirrored arrow file and use a symlink
pointing to the original arrow.

I feel that there could be less different mouse cursors in Pd in
general, somehow it is already quite a lot:

Non-edit mode:
    Arrow over canvas
    Arrow over clickable objects facing other direction (necessary?)

    Edit arrow
    Patch-cord cycle
    Select patchcord for deletion
    Change object size via right border 

but that's just my 2 cents and possibly not worth spending time on.

best, P

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