[PD] mouse icons

Simon Wise simonzwise at gmail.com
Sun Jan 26 10:45:28 CET 2014

On 25/01/14 09:59, Peter P. wrote:
> Simon Wise wrote:
>> They are certainly are system icons, they change if I change the
>> system cursor
>> theme. In xfce different sets of icons are selectable as "themes" for
>> the mouse.
>> But here there has always been one missing ... the one shown while
>> hovering over
>> an inlet or outlet in edit mode, but it never bothered me enough to
>> find out
>> why, and anyway I've got an oldish pd installed so it may have been
>> fixed already.
> thank you! I was able to select a theme that suited me better using
> (under Debian)
>          sudo update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme
> Now I am looking for a way to disable the arrow-cursor that is
> mirrored directions when you hover the mouse over an object that can
> be clicked and use the normal error for it.
> But somehow I can't find the file that holds the cursors themselves.
> Otherwise I could delete the mirrored arrow file and use a symlink
> pointing to the original arrow.

the themes seem to be in /usr/share/icons/ with the cursors in "X11 cursor" 
format, and a couple of configuration files, maybe you could copy a folder and 
customise a theme to your liking.

> I feel that there could be less different mouse cursors in Pd in
> general, somehow it is already quite a lot:

Personally I like the feedback that the changing cursors give, sometimes the 
target areas are quit close together or small, eg it is nice to know when you 
are over an outlet that is suitable for the connection you are trying to make, 
and simple visual feedback is quite important in any modal application .. I 
prefer an edit-mode cursor to some indication in another part of the window.


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