[PD] declare and abstraction (cont.)

rolfm at dds.nl rolfm at dds.nl
Sun Jan 26 19:04:46 CET 2014

- i'm not using readsf~ but soundfiler

- all my abstractions are in the same folder as the main patch

- i now noticed that it does not depend  on [declare ....]

- [declare -path .] introduces however another complication:

Pd gives in the header of a patch-window:
" name.pd - /path/of/this/patch "

the same for any used abstraction

WITH the declare the path for an abstraction  in the header is  
extended with "/."

[getdir] (in Pdext) follows this change.

(all this is in Windows 7 and XP)


Miller Puckette <msp at ucsd.edu> schreef:

> Are you using readsf~ to read th soundfile?  Unfortunately, readsf~
> doesn't search along the canvas's path (for complicated reasons) and so needs
> to be sent an explicit path, like "../folder/a.wav", to find files outside
> the patch's directory.
> Alternatively you can set Pd's global path in preferences -- readsf~ knows
> how to use those even though it doesn't know about the patch's own  
> declarations.
> cheers
> Miller
> On Sat, Jan 25, 2014 at 11:05:39PM +0100, rolfm at dds.nl wrote:
>> sorry, i should be more precise about what i experience.
>> i'm using "../folder" to load soundfiles in my patch.
>> while having a [declare -path .] in the main patch.
>> like i said in the first mail: this works when the patch is started
>> up 'directly'.
>> when i first start Pd and then open the patch with the menu-open
>> Pd cannot find the directory.
>> rolf
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